L2 Series Screw Pumps

BACK TO PUMP TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS An extremely rugged two-rotor pump without timing gears and with only one shaft seal. With no contact between rotors and liner, the L2 pump is ideal in handling fluids with high or low viscosity, with poor lubricity and abrasives.

Typical Applications
• Asphalt & PMA
• Lube Oil
• Pitch & Tar
• Bunker C & Heavy Fuel Oil
• Diesel Oil & VGO

Performance Data
• Flow: 3-2,000 gpm
• Diff Pressure: 250 psi (max)
• Viscosity: 1-20,000 cSt
• Temperature: 5-545° F

Scope of Supply
• Mounting: Horizontal (foot & flange) or Vertical (pedestal & deepwell)
• Bearing: Internal (product lubricated) or External (permanently grease packed)
• Seal: Packing, Lip, Single Mechanical, Mag Drive or Canned (Quench or Heating optional)