L3 Series Screw Pumps

BACK TO PUMP TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS A simplified three rotor screw pump with total hydraulic balancing and built-in relief valve as standard features. The cartridge-style pump models are simple to maintain and allows customized pump casings for direct fit replacement of older pumps.

Typical Applications
• Crude Oil
• Asphalt
• Asphalenes, Pitch & Tar
• Lube Oil
• Light & Heavy Fuel Oil
• Kedrosene
• Residuals
• Vacuum Bottoms

Performance Data
• Flow: 3-1,600 gpm
• Diff. Pressure: 2,300 psi (max)
• Viscosity: 1.2-5,000 cSt
• Temperature: 5-360° F

Scope of Supply
• Mounting: Horizontal (foot & flange) or Vertical (pedestal & deepwell)
• Bearing: Internal (product lubricated) or External (permanently grease packed)
• Seal: Packing, Lip, Single Mechanical, Mag Drive (Quench or Heating optional)