L5 Series Screw Pumps

BACK TO PUMP TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS This five rotor single flow pump has a very high capacity paired with an extreme suction lift capability. The pump is very efficiently used as a transfer pump or unloading pump for heavy oils and asphalt.

Typical Applications
• Asphalt & PMA
• Lube Oil
• Pitch & Tar
• Bunker C & Heavy Fuel Oil
• Diesel Oil & VGO

Performance Data
• Flow: 500-5,300 gpm
• Diff. Pressure: 150 psi (max)
• Viscosity: 2.5-2,500 cSt
• Temperature: 5-340° F

Scope of Supply
• Mounting: Horizontal (foot) or Vertical (pedestal & deepwell)
• Bearing: Internal (product lubricated) or External (permanently grease packed)
• Seal: Packing, Lip or • Single Mechanical (Quench or Heating optional)