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Pump Overview


An extremely rugged two-rotor pump without timing gears and with only one shaft seal. With no contact between rotors and liner, the L2 pump is ideal in handling fluids with high or low viscocity, with poor lubricity and abrasives.




A simplified three rotor screw pump with total hydraulic balancing and built-in releif valve as standard features. The cartridge-style pump models are simple to maintain and allows customized pump casings for direct fit replacement of older pumps.





The two rotor timed pump with external bearing allows pumping of practicaly any liquid. As standard features it has integral shafts and rotors as well as replacable liners. The multi-phase version of the pump has extremely short and stiff rotors for handling up to 100% gas at high pressures. The design allows for total customization with various seal material and mounting options.




This five rotor single flow pump has a very high capacity paired with an extreme suction lift capability. The pump is very efficiently used as a transfer pump or unloading pump for heavy oils and asphalt.







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